Is it possible to use Pamac in manjaro plasma?

Manjaro 20 plasma comes with Pacman as the add/remove software option. I would rather use Paman. Can this be done in Plasma?

Can I have some of what you are drinking? :joy:

Sorry for my ignorance, But I sincerely was looking for direction. I am new to this; but have a newbie beer on me.


The Add/Remove Software option in the menu is Pamac.

Pacman doesn’t have a GUI so you have to use it in the terminal or via a wrapper such as Pamac or Yay.

Take a look at these two first, so that we (all) can understand each other :slight_smile:

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When you open add-remove, go to preferences and enable AUR also

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If you’re unsure what package manager your system uses, I’d say no.


I have a virtual machine running Manjaro KDE and I installed pamac-gtk. I did not go with the qt (KDE framework is qt) version because it was/is pre-release. I uninstalled octopi afterwards. I mainly use pacman command line, but pamac (manjaro’s package manager that uses the same library, libalpm) GUI (and command line) handles AUR builds.

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aur/paman 0.9.4-6 (+235 0.17) Inspects and alters the state of the PulseAudio sound server

I guess you’re very new at this.

You can use any/all of them, but you must learn to type them first.

The ‘add/remove software’ item in the menu launches pamac.

You can find this out when you launch it by clicking the menu (hamburger menu icon) and then ‘About’. You can see it in the image in front of the minimise/maximise/X icons on the top corner there…

This is actually a GTK app, so maybe you’re confused about finding the menu?

Pamac 10.0.4-3.1 A Package Manager with Alpm, AUR, Flatpak and Snap support

You keep your ‘newbie beer’ - it’s not doing you any good :stuck_out_tongue: I have a cup of hot tea here, so I’m fine.

I’d suggest an alternative approach TBH.

You use your computer, don’t worry about what you are doing…
When you need something, maybe you find out you need to try a package called ‘blender’ or you want something like ‘joplin’ for notes - then search ‘manjaro install blender’ or something like that to get ideas.

Questions will get better answers when you have a reason for doing something… just saying ‘I want something to replace Dolphin’ makes no sense without some kind of reason for wanting to do that…

If you have a problem with ‘Add/Remove’ then say so, and say what the issue is.

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Thanks for your help NGr. Much appreciated.
Mr Robot, you also. Thank you.
Stargazer, I really appreciate your effort and your time to be some help without being smug about it. I someday will grasp this and remember how it was to be needing some help and how to give it.
Ben, I don’t drink either one.

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Welcome to Manjaro @Bobcapp and, remember, we were all newbies as well at some point… I still am IMO, and I came aboard GNU/Linux in 2017! So, there you go…

It was a good idea to ask a question on The Forum. Someone will nearly always answer.

Some advice on my part, and in all good faith. Give The Manjaro Wiki a look over - it’s full of treasures! - and peek at the Update Announces prior to updating yourself…it can be a life saver! :wink: