Is it possible to update manjaro manually?

I’m having issues these days with internet in my area and I have updates of around 1.4 GB is it possible if I can download the updates manually and install it later.

sudo pacman -Syuw

That way it only downloads the updates, but it doesn’t proceeds to the update at the end. You can Ctrl+C to stop, o resume again if it fails in the middle for network issues or whatever. When everything is downloaded, you can proceed with the usual pacman -Syu for the actual upgrade.


No, you would then normally use… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/*

… but that would be tricky if you haven’t completely cleaned out the cache earlier, because then there will be older packages in there as well.

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The solution I found to install manually packages when I want is to create a local repository on External Hard drive disk or Usb key (128Gb). But, you must have a very good internet connexion because you have to download more than 60Gb of data for the stable branch in one time (and more if you want to have the Testing and/or unstable branch). And every week, you need to check for new updates to download. Otherwise, if you wait too long, it can take a long time to download new packages (because Manjaro is a rolling release version). The advantage of that solution is you can update all the systems who don’t have an internet connexion.


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