Is it possible to set vim like bindings in Vivaldi?

Hello, y’all… :smiley:
Some nice posts you have here about the browser :slight_smile: .
Now this might come as an off topic, but I am thinking about trying Vivaldi and I think this question can pass here.

Q: Is it possible to set vim like bindings for navigation, search and link opening
(ex. like vimium extension) ??

Thanks in advance for the answer, whatever it might be.

I use Saka Key. There is one or two more add-ons like this, but Saka works for me best, and you can configure pretty much everything :slight_smile:

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It’s one of best addons but unfortunately it’s unavailable in Chrome Web Store due to their policy :frowning: I hope it’s temporary situation.

That’s a shame, anyone tried to install from AUR?

Vivaldi can use vimium extension, because it based on Chromium.

Yea I know that, but

So I was thinking if its possible to set it natively.

I will give it a shot, and see what can be done. Just a tryout :slight_smile:

My first impressions for the browser are not good. It freezes every 30 min. or so… :-1: