Is it possible to reuse Game files in a fresh OS Install?


I’m switching from windows to linux, and I’m using Manjaro KDE and everything is working fine now. I installed two games, Starcraft II from Lutri / and Wolcen from Steam.

If something bad happen and I need to reinstall Manjaro (do not consider Timeshift tool) can I reuse the game files in some way or do I need to download everything again? Once linux do not have register like windows and is more file oriented I hopping it can be done, would save a lot of time but at the same time, how to reconfig all wife stuffs automatically could be a issue.

Note: All game are installed in a specific Hard Disk separated from the OS.

If you setup your system to mount the external device the same way - and on subsequent install/reinstall you do the users the same way like 1,2,3 then your users will get the same UID and the user mappings on the external device will work.

But it requires you to do your thing correctly - as any computer operating system - Linux is darn stupid - it will only do what you ask to do - the way you ask it to be done.

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Ty, so the wine will recognize the files and setup things automatically? the same for Lutris?