Is it possible to replace partition with xfce with xfce to fix kernel panic?

Hello guys,
So what happened was while upgrading using the systems “add & remove” light went off for a min and it was upgrading the kernel… On top of this the bad situation was my laptop was live on the power cord. After light came back and i try to restart the only thing it’s showing me was kernel panic on a black screen, I tried to go back to the old kernel and boot up but all of them wore corrupted.
So is there anything i could do to fix it, any way ???
Dell inspiron 3450
1TR 8GB ram
I3 4Gen
After doing some research i found the new Manjaro OS xfce have an option that says “replace partition” on the installation boot mode. So I don’t have a separate partition I use all of it in one partition, so my question is can i use the replace partition to fix the kernel problem and will i lose my files ?

use a live version to get your files off.

Yes am accessing my file over that but if i try to replace the partition what would be the chance wiping my /home ?

98% of chance

Can you use a live usb to chroot and then upgrade with pacman through cli? Might work

when it says replace it means it will format all your partition

Sounds like there are badblocks on your disk which are not known by the filesystem and therefore when it tries to write to the unknown badblock it crashes.

Boot a Manjaro Live Session and try to repair the drive while searching also for badblocks to skip:

fsck -vcck /dev/device-PARTITION