Is it possible to remove the ls, find and cat commands?

Pacman cannot find the binaries.

pacman -R ls                                                  
error: target not found: ls

pacman -R cat                                                 
error: target not found: cat

pacman -R find
error: target not found: find

I can remove sudo and I am willing to live with the inconvenience. Also, I wanted to remove grep, but pacman showed me the dependencies and I was not willing to live with the inconvenience.

Why are these 3 different? I would like to be able to choose like I did with sudo and grep.

You are severely cripling your system - but your system - your choice.

You can find which package is owning the file

pacman -Qo <filename>

They are part of coreutils and findutils - and they are part of base - which is the minimal required for a functional system.

Please do remember that by removing those you should not ask the forum for support - there will be nothing we can do to assist you.

 $ pamac info baseName                  : base
Version               : 3-2
Description           : Minimal package set to define a basic Manjaro
                        Linux installation
URL                   :
Licenses              : GPL
Repository            : core
Groups                : --
Depends On            : filesystem gcc-libs glibc bash coreutils file
                        findutils gawk grep procps-ng sed tar gettext
                        pciutils psmisc shadow util-linux bzip2 gzip
                        xz licenses pacman archlinux-keyring
                        manjaro-keyring systemd systemd-sysvcompat
                        iputils iproute2
Optional Dependencies : linux: bare metal support [Installed]
Required By           : manjaro-system
Optional For          : --
Provides              : --
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Philip Müller <>
Build Date            : ons 27 jul 2022 21:18:35 CEST
Install Date          : man 18 sep 2023 08:27:56 CEST
Install Reason        : Explicitly installed
Validated By          : Signature
Backup files          : --

I cannot help wondering why you would want to remove “ls”, “cat” or “find” (let along “grep”)?


That is what happens when the medicaments are not taken regularly.
I guess next step will be

…oh wait, he removed sudo (i wonder how is that even possible).

Sudo is not a requirement

sudo pacman -Rns sudo

Because I want to. @linux-aarhus understands the philosophy here.

This is Linux, people. You do you. Stop flaming.

@wes33, I want modern linux utils to replace old ones where possible. For example, I use doas instead of sudo if I don’t needs sudo. Been running like this for months and the inconvenience is acceptable.

And if I don’t need a program and the system doesn’t need it, then I delete it.

I wonder what the modern version of ls is :slight_smile:
Sorry, i could not help myself. It just tops my personal list of weird experiments. And i have done weird myself (like windows xp in qemu in termux in android in chromeos aarch64).

As I said …

sudo has had a few issues over the years - doas is more up-to-date thing - at least - so they say …

You should be aware that system scripts of various kinds may use coreutils and findutils - which will then make it difficult to achieve your desired result.


There is lsd or exa, which are very good.


doas is lighter and very easy to configure. To me that is already huge. I don’t miss sudo, only when micro tells me it wants to run with sudo :cry:

I know, I just wanted to see what the dependencies are, just like I saw with grep. I wanted to choose on a per-program basis, but the fact that they are bundled makes it much harder :man_shrugging:

This is a weird thing to do with very little to gain. Not to be rude, but the fact that you don’t know that those programs are not packages tells me that you are not a seasoned administrator and doesn’t give me confidence in that you know what you are doing.


Exactly. And as @linux-aarhus pointed out, sooner or later some script will use either of them, so you just have to have an exact replacement.

Other than that, it’s easy to modify coreutils PKGBUILD and add binaries you don’t want to install.

You could create a symbolic link to doas, rename the link to sudo and place it in ~/.local/bin – that should solve your issue with micro.



Right, but the name of the game is playing and pushing. Sometimes you have to push against something, for you to understand how hard it is to move it. I know where I am.

I just don’t understand the point in telling someone that they are not a seasoned pro. How are you bringing the discussion forward? I think you are trying to be rude and you say “Not to be rude” just to be rude. Trump tactics :laughing: “I am not saying …” I might not be a pro at Linux administration, but I speak 12 languages fluently, and I know my demagogy and linguistical trickery.

Remember this is Manjaro Linux, where noobs start out. If you want to be rude, go to Arch forums.

Good one! I am actually going to try this out.

ll -a
Permissions Size User   Date Modified Name
lrwxrwxrwx     - debaro  6 gru 13:37  sudo -> /usr/bin/doas

The softlink is there, and micro sees it, because it doesn’t tell me sudo doesn’t exist, but something is wrong, because the changes aren’t saved.

To be honest, if you delete these commands, I suspect some scripts may not even run.

It probably needs elevation; try placing a symlink next to doas instead; that is, if you’re absolutely sure you don’t want sudo.

If it were me, I’d just leave sudo installed; I seem to recall reading that sudo and doas can coexist. Then you could use doas, as is your preference, but any system software that requires sudo can have at it.

Good luck.

Most probably there is a difference in the invoking parameters between sudo and doas (which at least would require a username specified), so i guess alias would be better, but hey, this experiment is not mine. Reinventing rhe wheel is not a simple task. Good luck with that.

This ought to help:

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