Is it possible to reduce rf signal-quality at bluetooth?

i had a lot of trouble with my bluetooth and the connection to my apple magic mouse and keyboard. first i use an intel-9560 combined wifi/bluetooth adapter in this generation that troubles in dual mode. bluetooth cannot be used with it. i used a second bluetooth-dongle and had to disable the 9560-bluetooth via an udev-rule. check, that worked but it turned out that i’m in a big pitty. there are a lot of people in my neighbourhood and all of them don’t disconnect their bluetooth on the smartphones and this violates with my bluetooth. is there a solution that i can reduce the signal-quality at my bluetooth that i don’t receive their signals ? i already tried to edit main.conf of /etc/bluetooth and used the DeviceID-parameter for naming explicit my devices, but that doesn’t help. I’m thankful for every tip to get out of this pitty.

Hello @Olli :wink:

This is one of the best example here of why wireless is a general problem when many use it. It should also be mentioned that Wifi and Bluetooth share the same frequency band (2.4Ghz), which also leads to connection problems. In general, it has to do with the scan intervals between Bluetooth and Wifi, which are usually fixed in the driver. So also the Wifi make Bluetooth unusable. Even running microwaves can disturb it badly.

I don’t think that bluetooth is the problem, but rather the wifi signals, which much more stronger than any bluetooth signal.

I rather do not think that this changes by reducing the signal range. It rather gets worse.

Try to turn off the Wifi and only use Bluetooth. Maybe it will be better then.

Yes i tried a lot the last days and sleepless nights. in fact there is a problem with too much crowded especially nowadays at corona. i live near to a very frequented spot where people do walk (with their dogs) and do rest in nature. there is a provider ( O2) how recognized it and build a open-spot that everyone can use their ■■■■■■ smartphone even in nature and this open spot is very frequented by who knows god. it is the enumeration at the start that frequently breaks. once i’m connected with my devices is everything fine. it’s just the electrical smog that disturbes the connection-procedure and then it fails.

Maybe grounded EMC wallpaper will help in the problematic areas? Yes, that sounds really funny, but usually it just helps to attenuate the signal strength strongly from the outside.

Or you take the good old cable that does not have these problems.

Believe me or not, the more wireless technology is used, the more EMC measures become the basic equipment of every home.

i already use lan and even my wifi does work also i use it very rare. but all the accesories like mouse, headphones, keyboards and so forth use bluetooth and you can’t get away from it (or very hard) and it seems that i’m here in a pitty but i don’t want to paste alumnium-foil in my living-area just because of that. actually i don’t know what to do. i can set the transmit parameter but only at the wifi and that doesn’t help because i want to level the receive-quality and that on bluetooth.

No idea what Bluetooth dongle you are using, but in general you get also a better signal if the stick has an antenna. Yeah looks ugly, but should work much better. Also the stick should support bluetooth 5.0.

yes i think it’s the easiest way to upgrade hardware. but i use a laptop actually and there is no option for stronger hardware (card with antenna). if corona and the greedy gpu-seller wouldn’t be i had already bought a new computer, but actually the prices do not match my budget. i’m happy that i do not need a new computer actually and can use my old one till prices come back to serious level.

I vaguely recall I read something down that alley - and fairly recently - have you tried searching the forum?