Is it possible to read email attachment in thunderbird?


Je suis sur beta 7 avec mise à jour.

Est ce qu’il serait possible de pouvoir lire les pièces jointes dans thunderbird ?
En effet, lorsque dans thunderbird, je clique sur la pièce jointe d un mail, elle disparaît.
Et je ne peux y reacceder sur mon pinephone alors que sur mon ordinateur elle ( la pièce jointe n’a même pas disparu)

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I am with beta 7 with update.

Is it possible to read joint piece in thunderbird ?
In fact, when I am in thunderbird on pinephone, when I click on joint piece on Mail , she disappear.
But in my computer, the mail with the joint piece exist .

joint piece = attachment?

Thunderbird is not a mobile friendly application.

Alors je dois utiliser quelle application sur mon mobile ? similaire à thunderbird ?

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So I have to use what application in place of thunderbird ?

Currently there is no email client for Plasma Mobile, although one is in slow development.

You can still use the webpage of your email service (gmail/outlook/something else) in Firefox.

Firefox is not great in Plasma Mobile either. But Plasma Mobile has Angelfish, which is it’s own web browser, that has support for web apps.

Geary, a GNOME application adapted to Phosh, mostly works under Plasma Mobile. That is what I currently use for e-mails on the PinePhone.

There are some things that rely on popup menus, which (due to Geary being a GTK application) do not work with touch input under Plasma Mobile (see Menu items can not be activated under wayland for certain applications (#3737) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab). E.g., you cannot switch between rich text or plain text mode without plugging in a mouse (but at least it remembers your choice, so I have set it to plain text with a mouse once and just keep it that way). Address autocompletion also does not work due to the same bug, I have to always type in the full address when I send a mail. (It is frustrating that this annoying issue is still not fixed 8 months after it was reported. It seems to be really hard to debug.) But the rest of the UI works.

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Ok je vais test Geary

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Ok I will test Geary


Je voudrais savoir pourquoi thunderbird peut lire certaines pièces jointes et d’autres pas? Il y a t il un réglage à faire dans thunderbird pour qu’il puisse lire toutes les pièces jointes ?

I want to know why thunderbird can read some attachment and other not ? Is it something to reglaze on thunderbird who he can read all attachment ?

What file types are the attachments?


Mon problème est avec le format vcf. Peut être qu’il y a d’autres pièces jointes qui ne passe pas mais c’est aujourd’hui ce format qui me cause des problèmes.


My problem is with the format vcf.