Is it possible to install .rpm files on manjaro?

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I am trying to install [Keeper](

It has only .deb and .rpm options for linux.

The .deb is not an option as a colleague convinced me in

Q: Is there any way to install .rpm programs on Manjaro? If not, what option of password manager is available?

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No there is not.

Never use anything but octopi, pamac or pacman - as this will result in either a broken system or future package installationis will refuse to sync with a message like

<file> already exist in file system

If you must use the mentioned software - you will need to extract the content of other distribution packages and create a custom script to install the files.

The process may be a piece :cake: - in any case read the package guildelines on Arch wiki

Looking at your profile info, it is unclear what system or desktop you run.
But there are many already integrated with the major Desktop environments.

TIP: Never use an external service to store your passwords unless you are personally 100% sure they are safe to use…
Most accounts get hacked due to these kind of sites leaking your passwords (or using them self)…

Whenever possible protect all your accounts using 2FA…

I use keepassxc from the community repository:

$ pamac search keepassxc
keepassxc                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Installed] 2.7.4-1                 community
Cross-platform community-driven port of Keepass password manager

So it can be easily installed:

pamac install keepassxc

And as a bonus, this Android app has support for it as well:

And I use Syncthing to keep my tablet synchronized with my PC.

AUR package keeper-password-security uses .deb source rather than .rpm

PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories


But AUR package is Flagged out-of-date (2023-02-16) following release of v16.8.9
User can either edit PKGBUILD to get latest version, or wait on maintainer to update it

You can learn how to convert a deb package to Manjaro

Secrets is available. I have been using it as my password manager for a couple years now and found it to be excellent.