Is it possible to increase contrast between the title bars of focused versus unfocused applications?



After the latest updates on my Manjaro-Gnome box, I noticed that the colour of the title bar in applications had changed a bit. When using the Adwaita theme, the title bar of unfocused applications is the same light grey colour as the menu bar. (Was this the default colour for the title bar in all states?) When an application gains focus, the title bar is a little bit darker.

What I would really like to see is a stronger contrast in title bar colour between focused and unfocused applications. I did not find any settings for this in the Gnome Tweak tool or the dconf editor. Is this possible? Does this require creating a gtk.css file as suggested in the article Making GTK3 themes – Part 2: The gtk.css and gtk-widgets.css files (July 2012)?


The original Adwaita theme has the contrast you are mentioning, are you using the modified Manjaro Adwaita version?
Here is a screenshot of the Upstream developement Adwaita theme for gnome 3.32. Left focused window and right unfocused.


I didn’t modify the Adwaita theme (or I’m not aware of modifying it); I’m just using what Manjaro gave me. The screenshot below shows what the difference looks like. I increased the screen brightness a bit after posting my question, so the difference is a bit more visible, but I would prefer a colour difference over of the current difference in relative lightness/darkness.


I’m not aware of any option in Gnome to change the color difference between focused/unfocused windows other than modifying the theme as you mentioned.

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