Is it possible to have a working Manjaro on a flash drive

I have to visits clients in the courthouse and they won’t allow people to bring computers into the building. They will allow flash drives.

Is it possible to have a working Manjaro OS on a flash drive. It would have to be fully working OS and would allow me to access my files on the USB drive, make changes, etc…

With the security clearance I have they do allow me to use one of their computers in their office. I could insert my drive and it would me like working back at my office.


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Ah yes. If only my eyes and hearing were better.

Wonder if there is a manual type text that shows step by step guide
Isn’t there a difference between a fully live installation on the flash drive compared to persistence? I sometimes would need to add drivers and would a persistence allow it? Depending on the courthouse I might need to add a printer driver.

There are people better qualified to answer this question but I think that’s the whole idea, you make changes, those changes are saved.

On the printing front, if all you print is text cups can probably handle it just fine.

Strictly speaking - yes - because persistence implies a read-only host.

But it is possible to install Manjaro to an USB - but doing so requires you to use the terminal as a default Calamares install will 1) refuse to install to removable media 2) not get the bootloader right.

I wrote a guide for the scenario you are asking


Thank you for that guide, it is just what I was looking for — something in writing. I’ll read it in the morning.

Yikes. I read it this morning and that is a lot of keyystrokes. :slight_smile:

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I started with Manjaro on an external USB Sandisk SSD drive. Not sure if that meets your flash drive restriction? It was a full install on a 500gb drive. Worked so well it’s now on the internal drive.

I got the idea from the Explaining Computers channel on Youtube. Less trouble than a dual boot with win10. I’m guessing you could do the same thing with flash drive.

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