Is it possible to fully use Manjaro on a touch tablet with no keyboard at all?

I want to give life to my old Windows tablet by installing Manjaro in it. My question is, can I login, navigate and do terminal without a physical keyboard attached? Just relying on a on screen keyboard, similar to windows and android tablets.

Hi zombiechop,

yes you can. Manjaro Gnome 20.2.1 is more suitable than Manjaro Kde 20.2.1 for it. Manjaro Gnome have OSK virtual keyboard and it works very well on Manjaro Gnome with Wayland by default (I’ve got a hybrid PC (laptop/tablet) who can be used also as a tablet only)). So, you can try Manjaro Gnome on it. Is your Windows tablet have an EFI 32bits or EFI 64bits BIOS ? Because you will have to create the Manjaro Gnome liveusb in some way if you have an EFI 32bits BIOS, but I can help you. What are the specifications of your hardware because Gnome asks some resources ?