Is it possible to download an older version of a program from the AUR with Pamac?

Pretty much what the title says, but for a bit more of context: I have Librewolf installed and wanted to downgrade to an older version from the AUR. Is it possible to do this from Pamac? I’d also like to know if it’s possible to do this without Pamac.

You can edit the PKGBUILD to match whatever version you want, within Pamac, or with another AUR helper, or if you directly build the package from the PKGBUILD.

Look on the package AUR page AUR (en) - librewolf you can click View PKGBUILD to view the current one, and you can also click View Changes to check the history of the PKGBUILD file to grab previous PKGBUILD file.

To manually install check Arch User Repository - Manjaro

The real question is, why do you want to downgrade Librewolf? What issues are you having with it?

Downgrading packages is neither supported nor recommended.

This post describes “grab” a little better. :wink: