Is it possible to download an offline version of the Manjaro Wiki?

I just downloaded and entire version of the Arch Wiki for offline viewing, but I would also like the Manjaro Wiki as well. Is there a way to do that or a script to do that?

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How did you do that?
wget … ?
If it worked for the Arch wiki, it should work the same.
It (a wget command) works for almost any website.

Found a Python script for Arch. Maybe I could repurpose for Manjaro, but before I reinvent the wheel…

Arch maintains the ability to do this for its users. I think Manjaro should do the same. Maybe they have and I am just not finding it: Arch Linux - arch-wiki-docs 20211222-1 (any)

what does it do?

Not Arch maintains that ability … - it’s likely just the python script fetching the whole of the wiki.

… any simple web sites content can be downloaded with (for instance) wget.

look at what the script does …

Understood. Wanted an easy way, but I think I can make it work. Thanks for the reply.

I usually maintain offline versions of everything, including the entire Manjaro repository is stored locally on my NAS so I can install anything instantly or load a machine instantly. Having all the Wiki knowledge locally will be nice too.

If anyone wants to look at the Python code, you can find it here. It is a little more complicated than just wget:

For arch there are packages:
Both are not available on Manjaro repositories but you could download them from their package sites.

if you find how to do that, please let us know as well


sudo pacman -U