Is it possible to change monitor settings locked with Windows software?

I have NEC p221w

Under Windows to calibrate and adjust some settings I used software called spectra view.
Among many settings there was an option to lock the monitror,
Normally there were many settings under monitor menu button. Spectra view let me lock settings so there are only two sliders. Brightness and contrast.

Is it possible to change it back under linux?

No, linux do not use windows settings in his kernel. IIRC :wink:

Time to change the forum name from Manjaro to Windows :smiley:


NEC offers a Linux version of their Spectra View software, so probably.

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The more simple solution is to boot into Windows and return the settings to it's initial state.

And I feel so stupid.
Before asking a question I always search for an answer. I can't believe that I couldn't find the software by myself.

Don't sweat it, if we didn't occasionally have a derpy moment, we'd never appreciate our smart moments. :grin:

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