Is it ok to remove Pamac and instead use discover app?

I want to remove pamac and install discover is it OK with Manjaro? Can I remove the pamac manager?

There is nothing tying you to pamac.
Though I dont believe discover will function as a general package manager for your system.

Why do you want to remove Pamac? Discover (even though it can update widgets) does not support Aur and Snap.
You can just use both of them.

Can you please explain it to me a bit? do you mean discover can’t be a replacement for pamac-manager? I don’t want to brake my updates really :grin:

I dont think discover can serve you updates or provide all packages.
I could be wrong - but I thought it was mostly for kde addons and the like.
In any case, what I mean is there is nothing wrong with removing pamac so long as you have something to manage those things … personally I dont use pamac at all, only pacman.

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I see. discover is like a store rather than a package manager GUI. if you search lib2geom discover doesn’t find anything but pamac-manager finds the “package”. Also discover does not support AUR. and thus it can’t update them. I still don’t agree with you about full-system upgrade I think discover can do a full-system update. it also did try updating the system flatpak packages when I opened it up.

PackageKit based software stores like Discover and GNOME Software don’t really work very well on Arch-based systems. Use whatever you’d like, but you will indeed have the most complete experience with Add/Remove Software.

Warning: PackageKit opens up system permissions by default, and is otherwise not recommended for general usage. See FS#50459 and FS#57943


Arch based distros have started removing Discover because like said above it just don not do everything. You are better off keeping and using Pamac.

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