Is it necessary to use VPN?

Thank you for this help, I need VPN to be able to make calls and participate in voice groups, this feature is blocked here and it works with VPN By the way, I was surprised yesterday when I switched on the laptop, it showed me two copies of Discord, I put Discord on startup mode, I think the new version has been installed.

Thank you for this valuable information as I deal with Ubuntu and am new to the arch.

Thank you for the clarification, I mean I need to change my DNS to unblock features in the apps such as Discord calling and Facebook calling.

Thank you for explaining that I know that they are file compression formats, but the programs on the official website for applications such as Discord are in a format tar.xz and there are some that do not have a file configure

Unless you are using a local restricted network or in country restricting network access, making calls using computer applications is not blocked.

  • You do not need to change DNS
  • You do not need to use VPN

If you do not know what you are doing - fiddling with those are likely to create more trouble and you create yourself a [xy problem] situation.

As your issue is revolving around discord - please see []

If you are on a network with restrictions - e.g. student access to university networks or school networks - it may be blocking certain services for any number of reasons.

If you are in a country which restricts access to resources outside the country - you are in violation of your country’s restrictions.

You should not try to circumvent your network restrictions whether these are your university, campus or country - no matter how you feel about those restrictions.

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Thank you for the clarification, I don’t have any update notifications when I open Discord, I get a message to download the new version.

Yes, because the topic is related. I am familiar with Ubuntu and know how to install programmes on it and because I am new to the world of Arch, I have many questions.

  • Manjaro Linux uses a branch structure
    • stable ← testing ← unstable
  • Manjaro Linux has official repos.
  • Manjaro Linux provides access to AUR
    • which may be compared to a PPA on Ubuntu

Do not use AUR if you are on Manjaro stable branch - it will create problems for you.

Manjaro package manager is named Pamc (Add/Remove Software in the menu system).

The native package manager for Arch LInux and Manjaro Linux is pacman.

Discord is known for enforcing new versions onto their users - it may be necessary but it does not work well on Manjaro.

Because of the delay between Arch Linux and Manjaro stable branch - discord often goes out of date.

You have been provided with examples above on how to handle this.

I use a local telecoms network for personal use at home
Here in the country, there are restrictions on some applications
such as WhatsApp calls, Discord and Facebook.
I use VPN on the phone to unblock programmes.
But on Manjaro, I don’t know how

Restrictions created by the country’s government - fair or not - should not be circumvented.

I want a way to use the features of the apps without any issues because I need to use these features and many other software features.

You are free to make your own decisions - I am merely trying to point out the Manjaro community’s general stance towards illegal activities.


thank you bro for you info

That’s what im talking about… with my commands you can skip this.

I’m using AirVPN (AUR client) btw. working good under Manjaro/KDE.

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i will try it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Discord v0.0.55-1 has now been released to all branches

yes bro it is I downloaded it from the website but I didn’t know how to install it, there is no config-er file inside I have one more question, I changed the IP address but it didn’t unblock the words in Discord, will changing the IP address help?

We are going in circles.
You cannot change your IP.
You can make it appear to be a different IP
appear to be in a different city or country
by using a VPN provider you trust.


thank you bro :heavy_heart_exclamation:

This has nothing to do with your IP address - this is done by either the individuals moderating the channel or the Discord network service.

You need to understand how VPN works.

The only IP address you can control is your local network and that has no meaning outside the local network.

VPN is not a :magic_wand: you wave and your IP address changes and you are untracable.

You cannot change the IP address of your internet connection in any way.

A skilled it-professional will be able to backtrace the traffic to your system even if you are behind VPN.


As the illustration shows - the only way to ‘hide’ is to use an encrypted tunnel to invisibly hop to another network.

– Source: