Is Intel Z590 supported?

been running manjaro on a Asrock Z590, and a 11600k cpu for about a year , and I still get error messages every time I update that their are missing drivers , I confirmed this when I open manjaro setting manager and look at Hardware info , expand all and see missing drivers listed as " Unknown devise name"
Is their something I can install to correct this ? edit running kernal 5.17

Which drivers? Please post any relevant output.

Please see:

this is the best I know how to do is a screen shot , sorry I am not more tech savy


when I do a major update , I will watch the updates download , then when the system auto configures itself says missing module drivers .
The system seems to run ok , I just thought that their might be something I could do to correct the issue .
Anyway thanks for the reply , probally I just have to wait for a future kernal release . :slight_smile: