Is headless setup via SSH available for the ARM images (RPI4)?

The release notes for Manjaro ARM 20.08 say this:

“## First Time setup
This release sports the First Time setup for all images, also via SSH.”

But further down in the post it says that you setup your user at first boot, so which user would login in with before that with SSH? Seems contradictive.

Manjaro users should not have to buy a cable just to use it for 5 minutes and then never use it again, I’m not plugging it in to a monitor and I imagine many don’t for the ARM versions that often get used as mini-servers.

If this is not currently supported any workaround would be appreciated (modifying files once the iso has been written?).
If it is supported what is the username and password? My rpi4 boots up just fine and shows up on the network but when I try to log in using user: manjaro and password: manjaro I get permission denied.

Any help appreciated.

Boot up on the pi image
ssh root@pi’s_ip_address

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Thank you, that did indeed work!

Hello. I’m new and I’m trying to switch from Arch Linux-ARM to Manjaro on my headless mini-server (on a Wandboard Quad).

Would you mind going into a little more detail about how to “boot up on the pi image”? I have no Rasperry Pi, only a Wandboard and a Windows PC. On the other hand I do have a working Arch image, and also a serial cable I can use to connect the Wandboard to the PC using PuTTY.

I’d be happy to provide any further info.

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