Is gtk-theme-breath under development now?

Is gtk-theme-breath under development now? I found that it has not been updated since 2017 and the minimum version does not contain it. Is it a packaging issue?

No, it is no issue. See the source code is 5 years old from GitHub - manjaro/artwork-breath-gtk: Breath GTK2/3 Theme for Manjaro Linux

But it is stable enough for you?

It seems stable, and if I use Breeze instead of Breath, pamac will like this: (red and green buttons all turn to white)

It’s discontinued and soon should be removed from repos.

No, we use Breeze-GTK now.

Because that’s how they would look in Breeze Qt which doesn’t support colored buttons. It’s made for consistency and the ancient Breeze-GTK - which was a base for Breath-GTK - didn’t have this change.
KDE team discusses if some buttons should be colored though so this may be changed later.

Qogir GTK theme already colored red/blue buttons.

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In fact many of them have it. It’s a part of GTK design paradigm.
KDE team just decided to have coloring more similar to Qt style which doesn’t have colored buttons.

So there won’t be a Breath for GTK?

No, for what purpose? Can you name any decent reason to have it?

To use at GTK apps such as pamac on KDE, compatible with Breath-Qt theme.

It’s not a theme, it’s just a color scheme + some additional Plasma stuff.

Breeze-GTK works with Breath colors pretty well.

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