Is Garuda linux the split of Manjaro linux?

I just saw Garuda linux few days after their release, they have huge collection of desktop environments and it was received positively as well. I’m a kde only guy, been using manjaro since the 18.1.3 and it been like a year, worked fine except some rare minor issues.
I saw their kde version which was substantially some theme and latte dock customization which primarily is a macOS style, it looks beautiful as a desktop environment, using it myself in my manjaro kde, their selling point is it says gaming ready and all necessary tools installed.
I don’t want to switch to any other OS or distros, Can anyone light me about Garuda linux KDE version if by chance they’ve been using it for more then a month in their machine rather then vm?

Manjaro had that already for very long time.

Anyone can test it for themselves and make up their mind. Garuda started as a Manjaro spin and then they decided to move forward on their own road and own approach.

Probably this will answer to some of your questions

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Ok, thanks.
difference is letter M and an Eagle.

A is their similitude …

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I’ve tried Garuda but for me the "full install " is over bloated and has a lot of unnecessary programs. Also I think its excessively themed.

It is great though that there’s so many great distros to choose from and they have incorporated some of manjaros excellent features


If i ever feel the lack of love for Eagle i will update my application launcher icon :wink:


Garuda is quite a lot more than a Manjaro spin at this point - it has an opinionated setup which uses the Arch repositories directly, as well as a lively supporting ecosystem.

Being opinionated means that it does not try to be “all things to all people” - it aims to be a performance-oriented distribution for hardware. If you like the tools and software it offers by default then it is a good choice, whereas if you prefer to “build your own” then there may be better options (for example, EndeavourOS or vanilla Arch). Garuda also has some innovative approaches which it looks like Manjaro is now starting to implement (e.g. including Bitwarden). :grin:

Using the Arch repositories directly means you are running what’s effectively an Arch installation - you have the same kernel, systemd, drivers, etc. as Arch and so you benefit directly from the efforts made by the Arch developers. This also means you don’t find issues with AUR package incompatibilities because repo packages are held back by several weeks.

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Things like blindly setting hard defaults for things like dirty background bites with absolutely no care to particular system resources… use ratios? nah … just copy+paste the examples from a 8G system in the Archwiki and apply it universally. Should be good. :roll_eyes:

Yes indeed. If you don’t agree with it then you can provide feedback to the developers or just use something else. Either of those is absolutely fine, but don’t bitch about the fact you disagree with it. :grin:

I seem to remember Manjaro setting various “hard defaults” over the years, too… :wink:

I did try to point such things out … the discourse was … less than productive.
Speaking of … you should probably know not to use certain language :wink:

I’m not aware of discussions people have with other people, so… :man_shrugging:

What I do know is that Garuda is still a young project and actively developing and improving.

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What makes linux interesting is that it is basically a large bucket of lego blocks that can be spilled out and assembled into an almost infinite number of distros. You can (try to) build one yourself, or rely on someone who has more time (and knowledge) to assemble a distro for you.

Sometimes, it is expedient to pick a highly customized distro and tweak just a few more things. Garuda and Manjaro are similar in that way - they are both highly pre-configured. But the intended users are different. Other Arch derivatives require more reading of “The” Wiki.