Is dual-boot with Windows 11 possible?

Currently I have db with Windows 10.

I had to disable secure boot to install manjaro. It’s ok for me.

I wasn’t able to find an information about Windows 11 and I don’t know aby Windows forums.

I have acer spin 5.
From your experience. Can I just disable dercure boot, install Windows and than install Manjaro?

Possible - probably …

Even though it may be possible - you need to do some homework - I suggest searching the forum for topics on Windows dual boot and possible problems down the road.

I dual boot Manjaro and Windows 11, though it’s rare that I boot into Windows - mostly just to update it.

I just disabled secure boot.

Don’t forget to use the Microsoft app to check if your PC can boot Windows 11. Fortunately mine can’t :slight_smile:


Yeah. I use Windows 10 in a similar way. :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find direct information if I can install Win 11 when SB is disabled.

I believe it can. I saw a Windows update message with an information that I can do the update.

Thank you.
It’s not that I didn’t search. And I’m aware that there could be a problem or ten.
I just wasn’t able to find an info about installation and disabled secure boot.

There’s a regedit hack you need to apply during the installation to do that, let me find the link…one moment.

Follow this guide respectively (start from step 2).

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That can be bypassed…

He said “fortunately” :upside_down_face: :laughing: (I wouldn’t want to, either, BTW :smile_cat: )

YEs, I am use win11 and manjaro