Is "Create New User" a Required Step When Adding DE to Existing Install



I want to try a new desktop environment on an existing Manjaro/XFCE install.

I’m referring to these very specific instructions on the wiki.

I can’t tell from the Wiki whether creating a new user is a required or optional step. it doesn’t say it is optional, but it seems strange that one would be required to create a new user in order to change the desktop environment.


it helps when settings would interfere between two DE’s, for example userspecific startup programs/scripts and/or programs that you want to configure differently for a different DE.
It is not required, but it helps.


@BS86 post made me realize that creating several different users, each one on a different desktop environment, is a great way to do testing with pretty low overhead: only one VirtualBox to test several different DEs. Those explicit instructions in the Wiki have conviced me to try this. I can’t wait!


A bit of follow-up here. I installed another DE (KDE Plasma) according to the instructions in the Wiki. I created the new user. When logging in as the new user it seemed that some of the config was still from XFCE. Since I’m new to both of these it was hard to tell. Since I’m testing multiple distros anyway using VirtualBox, I decided I’d get the cleanest experience by simply firing up a new VM and do a clean Manjaro KDE Plasma install.

Thx for all the help and advice.

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