Is chntpw part of a package somewhere in manjaro arm or the aur?

Searched in pamac but can’t seem to find it but I thought it might exist in another package…


I see it’s in the x86_64 repository, but not in ARM. I wonder why Arch Linux ARM does not package it, as it seems to be a fairly basic package with only openssl as a dependency.

What you can do to install it if you really want an NT Password Database editor:

  • Download the PKGBUILD file here.
  • Edit it to include aarch64 in it’s arch=('x86_64') line, like arch=('x86_64' 'aarch64').
  • Run makepkg -sci to create and install the package.

Ty ty ty and ty some more!

I did have to edit the sources BC curl couldnt make a secure connection but what’s an ‘s’ between curl and me?

Could I do the same thing to build opera? From the aur?


Opera is a closed source browser, so it’s not “built”. It’s only packaged.
I don’t know if they provide aarch64 binaries anywhere.

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Haven’t seen any in the wild. OK no worries! TY!

I just did this to python-pyparted and built it and mintstick-git. Not that I need it since rpi-imager does a bang up job but because I could. It works.

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