Is ceph-libs actually needed in Manajro?

I’m running the latest update, and I noticed that ceph (or ceph-libs) which is in the AUR is being built.

While it is possible I installed ceph as a dependency of some AUR app I had, briefly, installed on my system, I can’t otherwise think of any reason why I would have installed it.

Given, it is not in the Official Repositories, I can’t think of any reason for it being installed, in the first place, given it appears to be designed for very large filesystems, and I don’t have any.

BTW: ceph is the Only AUR app on my computer.


We don’t know what is needed on your system, only you can answer that question.

Excellent Answer.

Now can someone answer the Actual Question.

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@Yochanan you appear to have replied to me, but I can’t find your reply

Answer is perfectly fine. Familiarize yourself how to check for orphans and with pactree.


Thank you @ Yochanan that explains it

I had cancelled the build, in any case, and removed Ceph.


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