Is bspwm-mate available through Architect?

I've been thinking about setting up a bspwm-mate vm in virtualbox through Architect, just to get me familar with Architect installs and I have a soft spot for bspwm-mate.

Is it available via Architect or how would I use Architect to get a version installed? Would I be able to update it to Manjaro 20 too?


You will have to configure that yourself, but this is possible with Architect. You can install any packages you want with Architect. You can install the base system an bspwm and mate-packages on top of that.
Just try it. :slight_smile:

Sure. Why not? Every install of Manjaro regardless of DE/WM or even if you install a headless system will update to the latest version of Manjaro when you update the system. There are not really versions for Manjaro, the version numbers refer to snapshots of Manjaro for an iso. Read this:


You can browse the profiles available using the Architect installer.

If you like an adventure you can install the following packages

sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-tools-iso-git manjaro-tools-yaml-git manjaro-tools-base-git manjaro-tools-pkg-git git base-devel --needed

Then clone the iso-profiles

git clone

Build the bspwm-mate profile

  • Minimal iso
    buildiso -p bspwm-mate
  • Full iso
    buildiso -fp bspwm-mate

You will probably need to fix the list of packages in Packages-Desktop file.

Have fun :slight_smile:


A wonderful resource for bspwm... but you probably already know about it. Don't worry that he uses Debian. :wink:

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