Is Arch a lot more difficult for noobies?


moving from Mac to WIndows, to Linux ubuntu/debian and now to Mangaro (Arch derived)

My question is :

  • is Arch a lot more difficult than manjaro XFCE ?
  • and it is it faster / more stable ?

tks !!!



Yes! It is more difficult.

I am a long term linux user. No newbie. I have long term debian experience and know how to install and configure fedora or opensuse as well. I tried Arch before(!) I moved to Manjaro … after checking out Antergos.

Arch is a completely different league of complexity than any of the other distros I mentioned. I gave up on it. Too maintenance intense.

Give it a try in virtualbox and see for yourself.


Why don’t you read the Archwiki instructions about how to install Arch. After you’ve read the installation instructions, I think you’ll know?


If you can handle Manjaro, then Arch is not far away.
It’s the installation that is more tricky as you have to do everything by yourself, including many config files which have to be edited. The Arch Wiki helps you guide through every step, if you read carefully and understand the instructions.

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Arch was the 1st linux distro I ever installed 15 years ago still use it as my daily driver. Manjaro was the longest 2nd distro i have ever installed 5 years went to Manjaro Openrc evolved to Artix Linux that i use as a 2nd distro, if you are willing to learn its simple, and as easy to maintain as any other Linux distro But manjaro is more user friendly for many users

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I would say:
Want to learn Linux -> go for arch
Want to work with an almost ready out-of-box experience -> manjaro


Difficult on usage? I would not say that it is much more difficult. The “difficult” part would be more to figure out how to install and configure everything you need initially (which is something that Manjaro does for you by shipping a functional system out of the box, unlike Arch), which is not necessarily difficult if you already have experience with Linux (which newbies generally don’t have, or not enough), perhaps a bit tedious though.

Faster? I wouldn’t say significantly faster, especially if you already have a fairly competent computer. Although by installing everything by yourself, you get a system that only has what you asked for, you cut the “bloat” as they say.

More stable? It is more or less the same in my opinion. Some issues arises only on Manjaro because of the differences between the two distros, but many issues that Manjaro users encounters also appears on Arch if we check the forum, the bug tracker and Reddit. However, because of how updates are released, potential problems on Arch appears here and there because updates are released continuously; and on Manjaro, problems generally all appears at the same time because updates are generally released all at the same time once every 1-2 weeks.

Therefore, on Manjaro, it looks like apocalypse at each update releases, as on Arch, it doesn’t look as bad. But if we take a more global view in a wide laps of time, it looks more or less the same.


I think you’ve had the full range of opinions now, and I don’t want to leave another one of these threads open for too long.

The only real way of seeing what the difference is? Try it.

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