Is a firewall needed for linux?

Do I need a firewall and if I don’t have one will it open a vulnerability.

You should really do some research - this topic has been discussed on plenty occations.

That depends …

You will usually need to setup some protection if you expose a popular service like ssh on a public network.

There is no general requirement for a firewall on Manjaro as there is no default enabled services (raspberry pi core images being the exception) but in the end it all depends on your preference and use case.

And remember this - firewall only blocks unsolicited incoming traffic.

If you are looking to restrict outgoing traffic you should look at e.g. opensnitch.

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Well if you are a home user do you need one?

Please read again …

Ask your ISP as ISPs usually supplies routers with NAT and SPI firewall.

Do You have Internet? Then of course you need a Firewall.

But if you have/are behind a standard home router, there is a firewall on it already.
You have to jump through some hoops, do some deliberate configuration
of that router,
to have any machine connected through it to be exposed to the internet.

Depending on which Manjaro edition you are using, UFW (stands for Uncomplicated FireWall) may already be pre-installed. You would then only have to switch it on. More information can be found (as almost always) in the Manjaro Wiki.


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