Is 5.15 a LTS kernel?

I see a lot of info saying that 5.15 is a LTS kernel. But in Manjaro kernel manager I have 5.15.13_rt installed, and it is labeled as Real-time but not LTS. The newest LTS according to the kernel manager is 5.10.

My goal is to be on the latest LTS kernel and stay on the latest LTS kernel, but I need this point clarified.

I saw a post that Manjaro no longer offers the linux-lts metapackage. So what’s the best way to go LTS?

See here for kernel release information:

Edit: I’m not sure if the real-time versions are considered LTS, you should install the normal 5.15 unless you need the RT kernel.

Hi @shmu26,

AFAIK the current LTS one only gets the LTS badge when the next version becomes stable. Or something like that, anyway.

On 5.15 has already been marked as longterm.

On Linux kernel version history - Wikipedia you’ll also see 5.15 is:

22nd LTS Release
Named Trick or Treat

So yes, it is an LTS version. I’d recommend using those pages as reference for planning. But maybe that’s just me.

As for maintenance, you can install any available kernel from the command-line:

  • To view kernels available for installation:
mhwd-kernel --list
  • To install a kernel:
mhwd-kernel --install <kernelversion>

Where <kernelversion> is the version number obtained during the previous step.

  • To view installed kernels:
mhwd-kernel --listinstalled
  • To remove a kernel, use:
mhwd-kernel --remove <kernelversion>

Where <kernelversion> is the version of the kernel obtained in the previous step.

Hope this helps!


Okay so I now have the regular 5.15 5.15.16-1-MANJARO x86_64 and that’s the latest kernel installed.
How can I prevent the system updates from bumping me up to 5.16 or whatever is the latest stable kernel?

That will never happen, you are fully in control of changing kernel versions. You will of course get updates to installed kernels.

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It won’t install new kernel by itself. It’ll only install updates for currently installed kernels.

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Thanks guys, I understand how it works now.

The reason I was interested in the kernel version is because of VirtualBox. I am not on the latest version of VB because of a certain issue I had, and I want to stay on a kernel supported by my version of VB. It supports kernel 5.15, which is LTS, so I should be good for a long time.

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