Iriun webcam not showing in webcam selection options

I just installed iriun webcam as detailed in [root tip] [How To] Get Iriun Webcam working on Manjaro].
Iriun installs fine but doesn’t show up in the webcam selection in applications such as zoom and brave. I do not own a webcam and would like to use my android device (OnePlus nord 2t) as a usb webcam. Please refer any alternatives to iriun in my situation is possible.

as mentioned in my question, i have referred this post in the past

droidcam has a lot of features which require payment and hence i would like to avoid using it, are there any other solutions?

Let me suggest a search

scrcpyGitHub - Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device

sudo pacman -Syu scrcpy

There is a lot of options - if you followed the guide guide you refererred - you should have a working setup.

If your cam is running zoom will pick it up.