Iridium Browser or Ungoogled Chromium


I’m writing using Google Translate for not knowing English.

Is it possible to add these browsers to your repository for users who care about privacy.

The installation fails when we try to install from the AUR repository.

Manjaro doesn't have privacy-focused browsers in its repos

They won’t be added except if a manjaro maintainer takes over them (unlikely).
What AUR issue are you facing?


Points for inclusion:

  • They would be in the repo

Points against inclusion:

  • These are already in the AUR;
  • There are multiple browsers in the repos;
  • These don’t add anything unique.

It’s a “no” from me.

Issues should go in their own threads.

Manjaro doesn't have privacy-focused browsers in its repos

Recently has been added Brave

Compiling browsers from source is intensive, you might go with -bin packages

Anyway for any issue make a post appropriate category


I like it but don’t have time to maintain it. Also, installing extensions like ublock is not very straightforward, so it is more suitable for advanced users who know how to use aur. There is a -bin version of it, so no need to worry about the compile times.


Ungoogled Chromium is the best from what I can tell … certainly for staying up-to-date and such…
right now its biggest draw-back is needing to compile it every time (the bin version is a seperate project and sometimes lags behind)… this is one of the reasons being the repos would be nice.

But hey, I’m OK with it as is too.


There aren’t really any privacy focused browsers in the repos. I think both of these would be good additions.

Both are substantially better choices than brave which was recently added.

That being said, I certainly understand if nobody has the time/desire to maintain them.


ungoogled-chromium would be nice, although I don’t use any chromium-based browser.

But it’s obviously a heavy package with long compilation times, and unless someone has the willingness of maintaining it on a regular basis with fast updates, I don’t see it coming to the repos.
It would be a much better choice than brave though…

You can turn firefox into a privacy focused browser with the right extensions and user.js, but it’s not chromium-based.


I remember running Google-Chrome Version 2. My current Version is 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit).
What version would I be running if all the various versions of sansGoogle Chromiums predominate?
Even FireFox would not have progressed at the rate it has.


Iridium-browser is pretty cool. I’ve made it my browser of choice, due to its inbuilt privacy features (removing G**gle’s code that enables various ways to snoop.

I’ve found that Vivaldi (my previous choice for privacy) is not so private after all… :frowning:

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I've been lately using ungoogled-chromium as my main browser. Life hack: if you install extensions on chromium and switch to ungoogled, the extension follow you. This makes it much more beginner friendly to switch over.

I would be willing to mainitain ungoogled-chromium, but I lack the hardware to compile, and I don't think it would be the best idea to just move the bin version to repos.

But if at some point we setup a build server or my hardware situation improves, I'll be willing to maintain it.

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yes yes yes

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I know this is from a while back, but what issue did you find with Vivaldi?


Tracking via some server/company who's name I can't recall. I wrote about it somewhere here in the past...




Cheers for that, I'll have to take a deeper look when I have time to spare, though at first glance it looks like deleting the unique ID or blocking the the piwik server would solve the issue.


For me, it is a relatively minor issue in the grand scheme of privacy. Some very basic telemetry.

Everyone has a different point on what they care about from a privacy perspective though.