Iridium asking for keyring password at every launch

Since this update, whenever I start Iridium (browser based on Chromium), I’m asked to type my password to unlock keyring. I use XFCE as desktop environment, auto-login is off. What can I do to disable this keyring pop-up?

If you’re not concerned about losing any existing saved passwords, you can just delete the keyring. The next time you are prompted to use it you can create a new one with a password that matches your logon.

rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring

I didn’t want to lose existing password, so I installed SeaHorse, right-clicked Default-keyringChange Password, entered my old password (the same as my login password) and then entered that same password again for new password. It fixed it: no more prompt when opening Iridium after logging in.

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