Iphone user : which apps for access and photos transfer?


I have often access problem with my Iphone, i have libimobiledevice and ifuse installed, but with Libimobiledevice method (acces with Nemo) a lot of time , i have acces error when i want to use Gthumb or Rapid Photo Downloader for my photos transfer and no .heic file…slow acces with Nemo, long time to display a photo…

I try the Ifuse methode, no problem, but give me only .heic file so i have to convert to jpg ???

How do you proceed ?

Have you followed the steps here?


I all retry al the step:, with Gvfs i have .jpg photo but non .heic, access is slow.
With Ifuse, i have all my .heic files and fast access, so i thing i will have to use this method and search for a good .heic ->.jpg convertor, is there any with auto conversion ?

I prefer having both .heic and .jpeg

You could just change on iPhone …

settings,camera … ( Formats ) change to " Most Compatible "

unless you need 4k @60fps or 1080 @240 fps …

Yes i know that, but i would like to know if there are other way and how other user proceed

There was a converter in AUR but it out dated . That why I removed post above

Personally I use iCloud. No fuss and download them for there . I also use ifuse

how do you download photo / access from iCloud with manjaro ?


Or use the "convert " command in terminal

like this … replace with your file names ( convert IMG_0512.HEIC IMG_0512.jpeg )

Is there a Gui for conversion ?


When you download from Icloud, You can export as the file ext you want? I just copied over some photo’s from my iphone to manjaro, and didn’t have to or use any conversion. I can then convert the files as usual from Manjaro.

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jpeg is format you download from icloud… If taken straight from device it depends what camera settings you pick…

Anyone use Manjaro for transfer photo from iPhone ? I mean not from Icloud

There is libheif for heic support but not all picture apps support it.
imagemagick can be used afterwards to convert (terminal). Or converseen (i think it’s a front end for imagemagick and it’s a batch converter)

Thanks , i will looking that.

Converseen is great ! thanks a lot, 1 thing is how to have Exif (gps…etc) in the jpg result ?
It seem that .heic doesn’t have location tag.

Ps, i try to view .heic file with RegardsViewer and there are exif data on my file…