iPad Folders Access


This handy feature is about transferring media files from computer to iPad, not sure if
it is unique for Cinnamon desktop or could be added to Manjaro.

When I connected my iPad to the computer with Fedora Cinnamon installed, I could see
2 icons added under ‘Computer’: Photo (with Camera icon, which is also accessible by
Manjaro) and Document (with Monitor icon, which is not accessible by Manjaro)

Here is the screenshot for the 2 newly added icons.

After I click the Document icon, I would see a few folders with app-icons they are
related to, which shows in this screenshot.

Then I click the folder with VLC icon, and copy video or audio files into that folder
shows in this screenshot.

After everything is done and run VLC on iPad, I will see all the media files that I
transferred from computer earlier in VLC window and play them on iPad.

Thanks for taking the time reading this post


Mint Cinnamon is able to discover all the folders I mentioned above, but
when I try to copied anything to iPad, it just stuck at 0%, nothing copied
besides file name of the media file.

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Hi Nachlese,

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Hi Nachlese,

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That’s a great idea, Nachlese, updated the original post, thanks!