Inxi is no more packaged by Arch


As title says, see

It has been dropped to the AUR and I have adopted it; for now (not updated yet…) if anyone is interested

[Testing Update] 2018-03-21 - Kernels, Firefox, GCC, VIM, Python, Haskell

Looks like this is ongoing…

5 minutes ago
good news, I talked to the maintainer, and he has agreed. So the gz files are getting removed.


That’s not me, I guess he contacted the packager mentioned in the pkgbuild.

I haven’t moved a finger for anything yet


…Oh I know its not you, just saying the discussions seems not over.
It may continue to live in arch repos after the dust settles. Or we can hope, cuz it seems like its just rooted in bad communication.


Someone looks pissed.
Though i understand he’d get angry from being blamed about using a workflow someone else asked him to use, furthermore when that blame comes from the very people who asked this in the first place…


So an Arch maintainer cracked it due to requested release packaging and just petulantly dropped inxi?

Wow. Was this announced or did users have to work it out themselves?

So many toys thrown out of one cot in one github thread.


Never thought the inxi developer could get that angry…


I made inxi-git AUR package:

Feel free test it:

yaourt -S inxi-git


The developer seems to have a problem with tagging the release, maybe for manajro repo is the case of making an inxi-snapshot or something


Hm, it seems the developer has only a problem with the arch-package maintainer. Couldn’t the Manjaro-team take a direct contact to him and maintain the package without arch?


Maintaining is no problem. If needed, we can do it.


I’ve seen multiple projects – mostly themes – whom developers don’t bother to make releases.


which is, IMHO, wrong


I agree. It forces me to use the terminal to update associated -git packages. Grrr.



inxi 2.9.02 is in our repo :wink:


inxi use an internal release number and it need to be grab from there… don’t know why simply don’t use also a release tag … is easy to do :expressionless:


smxi words:

This will hopefully help expose the stupidity of tagging.

Some people just want the world to burn

I see the pkgbuild, is already packaged?


Yep in unstable

and just now in testing … i need it :wink:



so we can add
hddtemp and xorg-xandr also in Manjaro for all versions ?


I think Stefaano means the only tag the releases, while smxi said in the github thread that he would tag ALL his commits going forward to point out the stupidity of tagging in the first place.

I don’t think smxi is going to make every commit a new release, and neither does @Ste74.

I do think that smxi is bothered by the tagging system on github, since it is extra work for him, that does not make his development any easier and just adds an extra workflow.