Invisible KDE Plasma Panel [SOLVED]

My Desktop had a standard panel with all its widgets (Application Menu, Pager, Icons only Task Manager, System Tray ...)
One day that panel dissapeard. I added a new panel with all the widgets I had.
But it seems the original panel is still somewhere because when I open the widget selector there's a number that says how many items there are already of each widget.
And there's a number 2 for every widget I have in the new panel.
How can I solve this? How can I delete the first panel? I don't see it.
Thanks in advance!

Log out of KDE Plasma completely. Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log in there as yourself. Issue the command... :arrow_lower_left:

nano .config/plasmashellrc

Delete all the sections that read... :arrow_lower_left:

[PlasmaViews][Panel 1]

Do not delete the sections pertaining to the new panel, which will probably be "[Panel 52]".

Save the file with Ctrl+O and exit the editor with Ctrl+X.

Press Alt+F1 to return to the SDDM login screen and log in again. It should be fixed now.

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Hi! Thanks a lot for your answer.

It was [Panel 62].
I've deleted all you said and restarted.
I guess that deleted the container but not its widgets,
because nothing changed about the number of widgets used.

I kept searching and found the file plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
It seems that's the place where it's the information about every widget used in the Desktop.

I deleted every section starting with [Containments][1]

Now it seems to be solved.
I have only 1 widget of each type.

Thanks again!

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