invalid partition table! no boot flag set

After a fresh install of manjaro kde 18.0.4 stable,i found upon reboot the error:

invalid partition table!

i also want to mention that when you get the above error and press enter it loads into the system as normal without problems

i would say this could be an issue with the installation application during the install process.

when partitioning the drives with erase all, i see that it has the option of bootloader to install and where to install it. however, when it goes to work to make those chosen settings, it fails to set the boot flag on sda1, hence the error invalid partition table

If you are specifying sda this can happen use uuids as they are unique

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how do i go about making this change to my bootloader settings?

i have tried using grub-customiser ide, but that made no difference.

No never use boot customer search the threads here its bad really bad.

sudo parted /dev/sda set 1 boot on

And remove grub-customizer totally.

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thanks for that. i have an mbr disk with uuid. it mentioned i might need to change fstab

i rebooted and it didn't come up with that error. thanks mate

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