Introducing manjaro-gnome-assets for incoming Illyria release

Hi there, i see most users have trouble with manjaro-gnome-settings because this pkg is needed to custom and settings our customization with Gnome. For solve this issue i have created manjaro-gnome-settings-v17 and manjaro-gnome-extension-settings-v17 ( the number is the current release ) wich contain the gsettings and other files for customizations and manjaro-gnome-assets wich is a metapkg with all depends needed. So what is the difference? Simple you now are able to remove a package without remove the gsettings or other settings in your system, you now only remove the manjaro-gnome-assets and of course the package not needed :wink:
If you want reinstall our customization simple reinstall manjaro-gnome-assets :sunglasses:

@philm :wink:



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it means if there’s xfce’s news…

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News for what?

This topic is related to Gnome

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Xfce doesn’t get affected by theme changes like Gnome. Therefore no versioned settings packages needed.

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Well, News about XFCE v4.14 you may find here.

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