Interrupt signal during update process

Thanks man, this helped me as well. But I have a query. Let me explain the scenario first:
Since during these upgrade my applications tend to hang (For eg: Youtube video or any other stuffs if run when upgrade in running in background tends to hang specially when packages are being installed). So this time, I entered Ctrl+Alt+F6 and went to complete CLI and run the upgrade. As mentioned in the original thread, I didn’t press any keys. To be honest, I wasn’t even near my keyboard. But when I glanced at screen the above posted error was looping really fast. So, my query is was that because of upgrading via CLI mode and not from Terminal in GUI??

You left your graphical session and went to a TTY - the equivalent of the terminal application in your graphical session.
The difference (and this might be an advantage in some cases) is:
If the update somehow renders your graphical session unusable
the update process will still continue to run in TTY
even if you have to close the graphical session/log out of it …

I’m sorry, but right now and even after glancing over all of the above
I have no idea what you mean by that. :man_shrugging:

… you did know that you can switch between the TTY and your graphical session - have them both running at the same time? … if not: now you do :sunglasses:
You can switch back and forth anytime
and continue to do whatever you where doing while the update is running in the TTY …

What is absolutely sure is:
no, that wasn’t the reason for it.

During updates, there is a lot of disk activity - and the checking and unpacking of the packages that are about to be installed also can be quite heavy on your CPU.
Thus, some lag or stuttering of apps is normal - it depends on the capabilities and speed of your CPU and hardware whether that will have noticeable effects like you describe.

You could start and run the update on a lower priority - that might help with these issues.
such as:

nice 19 pamac update
man nice

the update process (pamac, for example)
or any program started this way
will be “nicer” to the other, already running programs - hence the name, I guess :wink:
… by putting negative numbers, you could also make it less nice, so that it runs with a higher priority …
man nice

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Thanks man. Didn’t know about nice until now. Will try that for sure.

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