Internet Issues with NordVPN CLI

Hello there,

sorry if I act stupid in any way, I am fairly new to Manjaro and Linux in general ^^

I have installed the AUR package for nordvpn-bin.
After a while when I am connected I get the notification “limited connectivity” for my WIFI and/or LAN.
And sometimes this leads to that I have no internet connection at all.
I need to disconnect and reconnect to my LAN/WIFI manually to get it back working and sometimes I even need to reboot.

I already got rid of the notification by disabling the network check, but this does not fix the problem ^^
Also I have already deactivated IPv6 and deinstalled the preinstalled OpenVPN package, because I have read that this could lead to some issues.

Please excuse me if any mandatory info is missing here, just ask for it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Make sure you disable the killswitch when you disconnect.

nordvpn set killswitch off
nordvpn disconnect

Also, I recently stumbled upon issues with NordVPN Linux tool (nordvpn-bin from AUR), and on multiple Manjaro install I discovered, in my opinion, that it is broken (I even reinstalled one computer initially completely because I’m dumb and didn’t think it could have issues and that issue was on the system).

Older version like 3.11 work flawlessly (you can connect/disconnect/connect to any server/country/group you select, everything works), but latest version (3.12+) are broken in my opinion, they do not connect, or if you can connect, they do not reconnect a second time (the connection in terminal hangs and you never get connected, you have to stop the service, and reboot, things like that).

For now I changed the AUR PKGBUILD to the 3.11 version, installed it, and put nordvpn-bin in the ignored packages list.

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I´ve already disabled all additional features like Killswitch, Cybersec etc.

But thanks I will try if an older version fixes my problem :slight_smile:

Is there some kind of network setting that I maybe missed to make VPNs fully operational?

As far as I know besides it is not compatible with IPV6 I don’t think there is anything special to do for it to work. You can always check the Arch WIKI and the AUR package comments for more info from others.

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Take a look here: