Interference noise on headphones

hi, ive just installed manjaro and i have a problem with the sound, may be the sound drivers.

im running manjaro on a laptop hp pavillion power 15 with intel cpu, and realteck audio pci.

the problem is that i hear a sounds like an old modem trough my headphones, and people says me in discord that sounds terrible.

the audio jack and usbs are placed together on the left side, ive tried to disconnect the usbs and the sounds disapear but, i need to have the wireless mouse dongle and external drive plugged.

in windows i dont have this problem.

how can i make disapear this annoying noise without disconnecting the usbs?

Hi @Krillin ,
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Hearing a lot of bad noise when no audio is playing (on battery) - #8 by nikgnomic
Please, read what @xashyar and @nikgnomic wrote on the above post.

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its not a pop sound, ive tryed the solution in this post but didnt work.

There was another post on here that is similar to your situation. The other user had a USB DAC next to a wireless mouse dongle and had the same Radio Frequency Interference noise in headphones

A USB extension might not be enough for this situation
If the headphones have a thin cable with not much screening to block noise there might still be some interference picked up just from USB cable
So it may also help to get a headphone extension jack cable for better screening from interference near the jack socket