Interesting AMD Ryzen 3000 article from Phoronix

@philm compiles systemd for manjaro, it's not an Arch derived package. So please create a new issue for this on the gitlab link below.

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Oh now that is super interesting. If I get some time I will try that.

It seems like Arch has already moved the "fix" from testing to core

But it seems to be a particulary ugly workaround

Anyway i hope we get it soon because i really want that CPU upgrade.

also this
@philm can you check on archlinux any change on systemd about rdrand ?

RdRand Problem auf deutsch.

Just arrived in testing.

i am really impressed by how fast people are pushing the workaround, great work.

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and soon to be on an rc4 ISO near you :smiley:

You all are killin I want AMD

I'm actually tempted to buy myself a 2600X and upgrade from the 1600 I have. Why? Because it's now near enough the same price as a Ryzen 5 1500X (2600X is £ 159.98, the 1500X is 50 pence cheaper) and my board isn't likely to have 3rd generation support after all. MSI have screwed up B450 firmware which is not booting with Ryzen 3rd generation processors and withdrawn B350 support for 3rd generation altogether because it broke the 2xxxG and 2xxxGE range compatibility.

EDIT - MSI posted a new build of beta firmware today for the B350 PC MATE I have with a lite UEFI interface to make room for the larger processor code requirements of the 3rd generation processors. They are yet to add back RAID functionality as per the release notes but I guess they want people to try it for CPU support first and report back any issues.

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Get an 1800X, new board and ram that runs at 3200 XMP. Probably not much more then the 2600X route. It's still a more than viable processor.

I already run my 4 modules of RAM at 2933 which is good enough. I can run two sticks fine at 3200 since they are rated for it but I'd rather have all 32GB since I run virtual machines on that machine as well as games.

1800X is a definitely a capable CPU but I'd need to buy a new heatsink for it so I'd be spending the same as a 2700X costs (around £250 now). I don't want to sink another £250 on the system at the moment. The 2600X however is a more palatable option.

When I build my last desktop I almost went with AMD, roughly 18 months ago..... then Specter and Meltdown and I wish I had chosen AMD.... now I really do. Of course here in Ecuador it will be another year before we have the new procs and motherboards and they will be at least double what the price anywhere else is.......

How do we know when the testing version moves to stable?

most times there's an announcement to that fact. check the package list (core repo) for the next stable update announcement. if the newer systemd package is version 242.32-2 then you have the patched version available to install.


Cool thanks. I'll keep checking the stable release news then!

the workaround should be 242.32-3

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Thanks, an important typo well spotted as the version bump is significant. I have the right version installed on my machines and read it from Octopi wrongly as I struggle sometimes with numbers containing the same few digits. Thankfully it's never landed me in hot water financially just yet. Either way, the next announcement with a systemd package for stable will hold the right version they need.

How long does it usually take testing to move to stable? Not particularly impatient, just curious :blush:

Bios fixes are on the way.

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