Intel-opencl (pre broadwell ) not working properly

I’m still progressing in the goal to setup a working opencl in pre broadwell Cpus and Intel-opencl is now installed and it seems works correctly on libreoffice

But i still have plenty of issues on differents softwares that uses Opencl:

  • Blender is not launching (working perfectly without intel-opencl)

    blender: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN3tbb10interface78internal15task_arena_base24internal_max_concurrencyEPKNS0_10task_arenaE
  • darktable works correctly but into the darkroom it displays a black image (only in raw files )
    (works perfectly without opencl )

  • the same problem with davinci resolve that run correctly but cannot display videos …

is someone have an idea or a clue and maybe we will have in a near future a easy solution to enable opencl on old machines ?

From the web site:

OpenCL needs work. We can complain, but better is to just fix it.


  • if you’re a developer, hop over there and start helping out testing and patching code on these old machines
  • If you’re not a dev and you’re rich: consider donating a ton of money to the opencl org so that they can hire additional developers (100K€ / dev)

If you’re neither, the only thing you can do is: wait


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Unfortunately i don’t think there will be a solution or a fix anytime soon for pre broadwell harware

Beignet does not have any update since 2017
as well as intel-opencl which does not received aany neither for the same period of time !

I’m not really rich and i don’t think my humble web developer skills might be helpful for this as well!

thanks for you answer !

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