Intel GPU API Basekit

Trying to install the Intel API Basekit; “sudo pacman install intel-basekit” cannot find intel-basekit.

Also, when using mhwd to install a GPU driver, one assumes the driver needs to be in the current directory. For the Hardware Detect GUI to install GPU drivers, do they need to be someplace so that the Hardware Detect Tool can see them?

Thank you.

There is no such package in either the Manjaro repository or the AUR — which pacman does not support, mind you.

I don’t see why. If you use mhwd, then you are interacting with the repository and with the package database, not with any local files.

But when installing local packages, you can always specify the path to the file on the command line.

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pamac install intel-oneapi-basekit

:warning: pacman is not pamac


Tremendous thank you.

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