Intel ax200 wifi dependent on windows time setting

So I have just recently had some issues with my WiFi not showing up on my Manjaro desktop and I was searching around for a fix. For some reason after I booted into Manjaro after booting into windows the WiFi just disappeared with the GUI settings menu saying no adapter found. So I booted back into windows and notices that the time was an hour behind so i fixed that and then went back to Manjaro and the WiFi suddenly reappeared. I went back into windows and changed the time again so that it was incorrect, and WiFi in Manjaro disappears. Once the correct time in windows is returned the WiFi fixes itself. Would anyone know what would cause this strange behavior?

Thanks a lot

I don’t have any knowledge of wi-fi adapters depending on the system clock - that one is new.

But timezone issues is a wellknown issue. Please setup your system to avoid those issues. Best practice is found in the following topic