Intel AX200 bluetooth not work in linux516, but work in linux515

I installed linux516 and hard reboot to it, my intel ax200 bluetooth did not work again.

Maybe it is relevant to this patch: 0005-Bluetooth_btintel_Fix_bdaddress_comparison_with_garbage_value.patch · master · Packages / Core / linux515 · GitLab

So, you are on unstable branch? Then issues like that are expected.
If you are on other branch and installed the rc of linux516, then again, issues are expected.

Thanks @bogdancovaciu , But when will this be solved

I’m guessing once the team finds the time to update testing and then stable branches, there will be also a new version of linux516 with new patches.

I have tried 5.16.1, looks like has repaired it.

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