Intel and nvidia gpu Separated drivers

Hi, I have an old laptop with intel GPU integrated + nvidia and By default, Manjaro installs Bumblebee but I want something like pop os that you can choose between using intel or nvidia from the icon in the taskbar. Is there any way to do this?

On Manjaro you have 3 options with hybrid graphics. You can use the default prime render offload solution where you use the prime-run command to launch applications on the dedicated graphics card or you can use optimus manager optimus switch to do so select the graphics card in the same way popOS does. Theres a guide on optimus manager here #

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my gpu is not supported by a PRIME render offload compatible nvidia driver So can I use optimus-manager?

I haven’t used optimus manager with bumblebee but I believe it works just make sure to disable the bumblebee daemon as listed in the guide.

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From this can I make the assumption that you want to use nvidia-390xx ?
I have used that driver in my old optimus laptop with optimus-manager without any issues.

Although, I have to add that I currently use Prime (output offload) method for that laptop.

(Sorry for linking to old forum. I know that it is discouraged.)