Intel 82575 bridge has bad ping/speeds

I’m using a 4 port intel 82575 in my home pc/server. Ive just installed it and setup a network bridge in network manager.

When I ping the server from the connected pc, i see pings between 500-60ms. If then connect to the machine via my old switch, I was getting about 2ms.
Also connection cant sustain a file transfer…

Any ideas what would cause this?


Please post your system specs with inxi -F so that we can see what might be the issue. Right now it would be a guessing game.

info found here as I cant post it on the forums for some reason…

It may be an issue with the network card. Ive just tried 2 spare ones of different model I have without any issues… Can it possibly be a software issue?

Looks like the card is a fake. I’ll go for an ebay refund

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