Instructions to permanently mount network drive

I come from linux mint. there the permanent mount of NAS (synology) folders via fstab is relatively easy. For Manjaro I have not found comprehensive instructions.
Where is there info on this?

Hi @MarcelloT,

Manjaro, just like any other Linux, also uses the fstab file. There are also other ways of doing it. See:

Hope this helps!


And it’s on the wiki: Fstab - Manjaro

And the wiki also has the systemd method explained: Fstab - Use SystemD automount - Manjaro

fstab will work the same …
I believe there are similar threads here.

You are correct - but the fstab is a lot more difficult to manage - especially with relation to network shares - which may or may not be available when the system is started.

It is so much simpler using mount units

If you know how to do it on Linux Mint it will work precisely the same on Manjaro.


You can use Disks (Gnome Disks), for an easier gui based way of mounting the drive permanently.

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