noticed this at the bottom of distrowatch weekly:

Distributions added to waiting list

  • instantOS. instantOS is a Manjaro-based distribution that works out of the box, but is still aimed at power users. Everything is intended to be lightning fast and work out of the box.
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Yeah they posted a beta release a few days ago on reddit

I think @muvvenby said they tried it and got hangs

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I only tried it on VM. It feel very slow on it. But only to test out it WM. It a simple dynamic window manager. With the idea being. Stay out of your way. So you can focus on getting stuff done. And some of there other idea come from Suckless. From suckless website: "Home of dwm, dmenu and other quality software with a focus on simplicity, clarity, and frugality." There doing the same thing. But keeping it noob freindly.

I tried it on a newer desktop and there it runs and seems quite snappy. Need to dig into it some more to see how it works. The old machine I couldn't get it to run on, I can't get Manjaro to boot on properly either. It's got really old Nvidia 7050PV (MCP68) embedded graphics which I think is causing problems with both Nouveau and proprietary drivers...

I noticed they have PKGBUILD files for their "instant" packages in their github, but they are not in AUR.
Seems to be quite a few packages, which are developed by their "team" (I don't know if it is a team or just a one-man show).

Interesting. I'm not sure what I think about minimalism combined with "just works out of the box". I'm a bit sceptical: usually, having it both ways is really difficult, if not impossible.

I'll keep an eye out for it and wish them all the best.


It is just another distro with amateurish packaging and a vague sense of versioning


But with some custom tools (wm, lock and others) based on the suckless softwares, a bit more interesting than the usual fork at least.

Interesting tools packaged badly,

Those people who goes thru the length of creating website, theming, logo, name, branding, forum, etc.. but lack basics of packaging


The marketing is pretty slick on this, it's a shame they're obvious weaknesses.

It not exclusive to InstantOS since there are a other distros that do the same; set up everything and lack basics of packaging


:thinking: I have never tried it.

It is nice to see that someone has based their operating system on Manjaro Linux.

What sets Manjaro apart is its wonderful and highly responsive community. If I were to encounter a technologically-related issue (one that I was incapable of solving on my own), I know that I would get help).

I checked InstantOS's "Support" page and it shows the various channels in which a person can go to get help.

I know that it is way too early to cast judgement on InstantOS, but I feel much safer with Manjaro Linux.

It is very very bad even to install it in VM is PITA. Or maybe need to study shortcuts manual because i3 shortcuts do not work, gave it up I did not finish install.

This. This thing right here.

Its not specific to distros or OSs .. or even tech really.

These days I see folks do 'sleek marketing' style websites or videos for all sorts of mundane things. People are empowered to do that easily .. not the underlying stuff. Its cute when its something like wedding invitations .. pretty frustrating/cringy/sometimes-scammy when its about products ..

flashy single page website
dramatic theme music
"the greatest water-proof toaster ever"


The best wheels for your mac pro only for $1000, with out brakes on it! :money_mouth_face:

So my question is:

What is that distro adding to the table that the hundreds others aren't?

more bugs!

You are mistaken. The others already have that feature.

The same thing could, in all honesty be stated about Manjaro itself too. (Looking at you, Pamac...)

not tomorrow ? ...


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